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A new asphalt area is a huge investment, so it should be done with the best quality materials and best preparation possible. When correctly installed, a driveway should last many years in New Jersey and surrounding areas. There are contractors who take shortcuts and use low quality materials and bid low just to get the job.  Properly done paving will cause your property to have a higher value, instead of draining your wallet.

The various steps to remove and replace pavement are crucial to the lifetime of your pavement. Greatly decreased durability and life expectancy of the pavement would be the results of sub-standard materials, preparation and installation.

Only high quality materials are used by HP Chapo Paving, LLC, and our team of experienced laborers follows best practices to produce the perfect pavement area.

Step 1 – Preparation:

The first step prior to the paving process beginning is the licensed contractor checking with Call Before You Dig (CBYD).  CBYD technicians will then come to your property and properly mark off all known utility lines. Then you need to mark off anything else you or previous owners may have installed below ground, to be sure we don’t dig anything up you want to stay.

Step 2 – Excavation:

Asphalt structures are only as good as what is below them. Pavement on top of damaged asphalt or soft ground will fail quickly. The lifetime of your pavement is determined by the preparation stage.  HP Chapo Paving, LLC estimates include a statement that unusable material will be excavated and removed from the site. In some cases, we will need to dig deep to remove stumps, clay or other soft material. HP Chapo Paving, LLC has all the appropriate equipment to dig up and haul away unnecessary material from your pavement site. Asphalt is America’s #1 recycled material, and we do our part keep the world green by recycling asphalt we remove from your site.

Step 3 – Base and grading:

Next, a foundation of base material is installed. We check the ground to be sure it’s hard enoough, then we use layers of crushed concrete, which is engineered specifically to be laid beneath asphalt to compact very well, as a foundation. We grade the base precisely, using a laser level or transit to ensure correct pitch, so that water is channeled in the best direction. The foundation is then compacted with a vibratory roller, and this process is repeated every 2 to 3 inches until proper foundation depth is achieved.

Asphalt never fully hardens. If the foundation is soft, not level or has holes and depressions, the new driveway, parking lot or roadway will show it. HP Chapo Paving, LLC does the best job on foundations for pavement every time, as we know it is the most important part of any paving job.

Step 4 – Laying of Asphalt:

Once the foundation is perfect, HP Chapo Paving, LLC uses its fleet of dump trucks to pick up freshly batched, hot pavement mix from the nearest asphalt mixing plant. We have enough trucks to minimizes material cooling and downtime. At times the asphalt is laid in 2 layers, or lifts, for parking lots and a single lift for a driveway. Our state of the art equipment is bought new-we don’t buy used! We frequently maintain and trade in the equipment for the highest quality finish on your pavement project.

Step 5 – Compaction and finish:

The last important step in paving your project is compacting. The asphalt structure will hold together better when compacted well. Immediately after laying each layer of the asphalt, as with the foundation material, we flatten it with the vibratory drum roller for a smooth finish. Any edges that do not meet a curb or any other surface, are hand-tamped to provide a 45-degree angle, giving the strength to support vehicle weight.

Your driveway installed by HP Chapo Paving, LLC, will be beautiful, last year after year, and will raise your property value!

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